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We have no beginning, We have no end, We simply are Omega
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What is Omega ?
Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet it means ending or death as Alpha Means exactly the opposite Our Clan Is Not Evil Or Good its mostly neutral but we do accept players that are strongly evil or good as it dosent matter to us we are a peaceful clan and we do not like wars as we only seek knowledge, safety and peace. We have a creed that we follow and we really don't lie when its insulted or not followed by the members. You may think that we are not a peaceful clan as Omega means Ending and death but we are a peaceful clan we seek knowledge. We want to answer every question that is asked. We want to discover everything that isn't discovered yet

Side Bar News
Hey ppl, its been a WHILE since our last tournament so lets do another one since the last one was about pvp lets do something else thsi one is about who first will get 125 points on our forum for posts im not posting this on the wiki clan page for a reason so GOOD LUCK btw im not taking part _omega